Sunday, December 21, 2014

Picture Post! Part 1

I know it's been SUPER long since I've been on here posting regularly, between having three little ones and then putting my fingers in several little business ventures, I have been way TOO busy. I'm rethinking if a direct sale business is a good thing for me right now. The amount of effort I need to put into it is just too much for me right now. Not that I'm going to drop the companies I've joined, but it is probably not going to be an income opportunity like I had wanted. I'm not done thinking and dreaming though ;) I got some more ideas under my sleeve, DS and non DS.

One of my ideas is to get better at photography and start offering photo shoots. I already have a great camera and wonderful subjects that I love to capture all the time.

Here is my picture post from November pictures. Enjoy!

My friend Hannah and I holding our 3rd babies. We both have two boys and now girls :) 

Eliana and Leiah ( I may have misspelled that) 

The following pictures was one evening right before Isaac gets home from work. We were hanging out in the back yard.

Daddy is home! 

 One gets caught

 Eliana doesn't like socks

That face! 


Normally I'm behind the camera, unless Isaac has it

I love this one! The boys are not usually that cooperative

6 month old Eliana

Thanksgiving at my mom and dad's 

Off to take family Christmas pictures on Thanksgiving :) The following pictures are many of the behind the scenes and some of the actual ones 

Heidi and her daddy

My beautiful mom

Such beautiful people....

Playing with the sun flares

One of our pictures. :) 

Gotta have one of these! 

♥ the lighting here! ...and the objects of my focus too ;) 

My brother Gabi and wonderful sister-in - love

My sister and her little family ♥

My brother Obi and his family, one you can't see! 


Gotta have a kiss and a sunflare


Wait for Part 2 soon!

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  1. AWE! Wonderful pictures Lydiana!! I so enjoyed seeing everyone!
    xoxo, Love to all!


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